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DiversaFit Activity Club

Inspiring Movement Through Community

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Nurturing humanNATURE and building community through social events and outings.

One of the greatest gifts one can receive is the ability to connect with others. The DiversaFit Activity Club aka the DFAC, is the bridge I have built that allows people to connect through movement. Whether you enjoy hiking, biking, kayaking, pickleball, fitness classes, rock climbing, swimming, nature walks or simply throwing a frisbee, you are moving and movement can be MAGICAL!! I have created a community that respects, accepts, and nurtures everyone that is within it.

We encourage, motivate, and inspire people to MOVE!! How cool is that?!

If this sounds like a "club", and I use that word lightly, honestly it's a community, that you would like to become a part of, I welcome you to join us!! It's time to move with purpose!

List of current events and adventures 

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