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Studio Instructors

We LOVE our instructors and we know you will too!!


Mayor Nuzzo

Jennifer uses a wide array of fitness styles to help her clients reach their ultimate goals. She believes that variety is the key to a successful fitness program and that fun and laughter can be intertwined into every workout. Jennifer has been a certified personal trainer for over 11 years. She is a former Middletown Public School physical education and health teacher, having taught 8 years before moving out of state to help with the family business. Jennifer has coached numerous sports at the elementary, middle, and high school level.  Jennifer's personal training certification is through ISSA and she is CPR, AED, and First Aid Certified.


The Mighty McGovern

After practicing yoga for over 20 years Toni decided to incorporate yoga into her health coaching practice. Toni believes in healing the whole body starting from the inside out. Toni also has a love for essential oils and incorporates them in practice and daily life. Reiki, Mat Pilates and Barre  is another way Toni adds to her practice and daily life to be complete.

lisa g prof pic 2.jpg

Leapin' Lisa

Lisa Gilbert fell in love with Zumba the first moment she stepped into a class 13 years ago. The music and the friendships motivated her to keep coming back. The changes that Zumba made to her body were an added bonus. Lisa finally became certified in August of 2012 and has never regretted that for a moment. She is a 4 year breast cancer survivor. Lisa will tell you first hand that Zumba helped her through her treatment, both physically and mentally. Her students will tell you that in her classes you can feel the positive light and energy. "My heart is so full when I teach and I try to bring that to each class". 

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Delightful Dana

In May 2022, Dana retired from being a Juvenile Probation Officer after 22 years of service. Having tried almost every fitness activity one can think of, she stumbled across yoga and immediately knew that yoga is what she wanted to do once I retired. On May 8, 2022, eight days into her retirement, she hopped
on a plane to Costa Rica and after three weeks of intensive training she was certified to teach yoga. Dana hasn'’t looked back since and enjoys every minute of teaching.

"I can honestly say that yoga has changed my life".  


Hard-Hittin' Harris

Jen Harris is super passionate about fitness, nutrition and the education of it. She has over 10 years of fitness instruction experience, where she was mostly involved in teaching kickboxing and kettlebells as well as other strength training classes. She assisted in several self defense seminars and is leveled up in Krav Maga. She is also a Certified Nutrition Coach and owns her own business. She helps people achieve a healthy lifestyle through sustainability and balance. She absolutely loves to have fun and help people along their journey!! She hopes to be an amazing role model for her 13 year old daughter.


Magical Melanie

Melanie has been leading guided meditations weekly since 2019 and teaches various classes focusing on body-centered mindfulness and spiritual development. As a certified holistic life coach and energy work practitioner Melanie uses her background in psychology to help her clients heal from the inside out and reclaim their power to feel good in their own energy. 

jay prof pic blue head.jpg

Journeyin' Jay

Jay Schwab joined Team DiversaFit in October of 2023 as an activity leader.  

Jay has a real passion for being outdoors, both in the water and the woods. "For me, being in the woods  is almost spiritual. You never know what you will find around the next corner". One of Jay's goals is to hike every national park in North America. He's looking forward to meeting everyone in the activity group and exploring the beautiful trails in Connecticut together.

prof pic Penny.jpeg

Dynamic' Delahanty

In 2007, Penny became an active member in her local gym determined to get in shape. When she tried her first Zumba Fitness® class, she
instantly fell in love with it. When Penny was diagnosed with
stage 3 Chronic Kidney Disease in September of 2011, she knew she wanted to do what she could to slow the process of the disease. Making changes to her daily life included
exercise. Penny hopes to help others see that no matter what obstacles you face in life, staying fit is not only a healthy way to live, but it's also a great way to de-stress and do something that puts a smile on your face! 


Miller the Motivator

Kristie has been a certified fitness instructor for over 9 years...teaching kickboxing for over 15.
Over this time, her classes have expanded to circuit training that incorporates kickboxing, weights and TRX exercises with a focus on form and functionality...helping to keep any"body" moving.

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Kind-Hearted Kelly

KelIy loves to explore the outdoors via running, hiking, and taking therapeutic walks with family and friends. Her love for running has taken her on the greatest adventures. She ran in two Ragnar Races, This included running roughly 200 miles in 24-hours with a team of 12 people on the Appalachian Trail and along Cape Code’s beautiful coast line. Kelly enjoys participating in local community running events.  

"I seek adventure, love fitness and enjoy camaraderie! Let’s have fun and experience the great outdoors together"!!

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