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Reader' Choice Award Winner
Reader' Choice Award Winner

Why Choose DiversaFit?

Community. I believe we can all accomplish great things when we are supported by a loving, caring, selfless, community. My mission has always been to bring people together while providing healthy and fun activities. As a personal trainer and a huge fan of all things that inspire movement, I truly believe that all of us could achieve better health and a better quality of life if fitness were more convenient and fun! By providing a supportive COMMUNITY and encouraging others to lead, I am able to impact people's lives in a way I could not do alone. There is STRENGTH in numbers!! Our community continues to grow because of the seeds I've planted and I am beyond thrilled. I alone am not DiversaFit, WE are DiversaFit!! I am soooo proud of this community and we look forward to meeting you!


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Testimonials: Testimonials
High above the desert!
Real Experiences, Stunning Results
Mountain Ridge


I met Jen by a happy accident that turned out to be so beneficial to me! I have had numerous injuries over the year (thrown from a horse, car accidents, etc) and had become way less active due to the pain. Jen showed me exercises that helped me build back muscles and strength I had lost, while keeping in mind my physical limitations. Her positive energy is a gift in itself and I'm blessed to have crossed paths with her.

Joanne DeNicola

Jennifer and DiversaFit have transformed me from a reluctant exerciser into a fitness-conscious, daily-moving convert. Working with her has been a complete pleasure and has clearly improved the quality of my life. She is skilled in every aspect of fitness and practices what she preaches. Her enthusiasm is infectious and never-ending. Jen does everything she can to keep her clients working, from loaning equipment to offering frequent check-ins through various fitness apps. I have worked with her happily in the gym, at my home, and remotely. I wish I had met her years ago!

Frances Pease

Jennifer Nuzzo is an incredible personal coach and advocate for good health. She looks at each individual she works with and sees what they need in terms of exercise and creates a personalized routine for them. She truely listens. Jen has a great sense of humor, is energetic, and is an inspiration. If you want a personal exercise coach, I highly recommend her. There is no one better than Jen!

Teresia Holmes O'Hala


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Nuzzo in the News

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My five minutes of fame

Once in a while people decide they want to learn a little bit more

about who I am, how I got started, and what DiversaFit is really all about.

Below are a few articles that may be of interest. Or if podcasts are your thing, I'm in one of those too! 

This was an article written by Nicole Zappone and published by the Record-Journal on November 2, 2023. I was interviewed at my new studio on Center St in Wallingford, CT. We chatted about my upcoming Grand Opening and Open House while also discussing how I rebuilt after Covid and why my studio differs compared to most. Wait different? Why would anyone use that word in a sentence describing anything I would do?! ;)


This was an article written by Kristen Dearborn and published by the Record-Journal on July 30, 2019. My client Linda Gilbert is pictured in the article as is Kristen herself! I was interviewed at my old studio Main Street Wellness Studio, which was located on Main St in Wallingford, Ct. We had a lot of fun during this interview as I'm sure you can tell by the pics! But don't I always?!

When a publisher from South Carolina contacted me to do an interview I was shocked! What would the Southerners want with a Yankee like me I thought?! After a few emails back and forth, I found out they found me on Instagram and they thought I was a great example of a female entrepreneur building my own brand, etc. This article was a bit of a challenge. I wasn't technically interviewed, but rather had to choose questions from a list that I thought would be of interest to the readers. This form of interviewing was during "covid times" when things were running a bit differently but apparently was also a new and upcoming trend in online only publications. Look at me, a trendsetter ;) 


This podcast was hosted by Gymlords Podcasts and my interviewer was J.J. Hernandez. I believe the actual interview took place in June of 2022. It was my first podcast and I was a bit nervous but J.J said I was a natural. Not sure if he was making me feel better or not but it worked. It was definitely an interesting experience. I was contacted by the Podcast master Mitch. He was wondering how it was owning a gym in Sedona, AZ. I had to correct him and tell him I was back in CT. He still let me do the interview though which was cool. Yea, no one can keep track of me, it's not just you! 

Over the years I have worked with many wonderful people

and explored beautiful places as a result. I've been fortunate enough to have built long lasting relationships with many of my clients and do my best to keep in touch. I take great pride in this and feel honored to call many of these people friends.



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