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As a personal trainer and a huge fan of all things that inspire movement, I truly believe that all of us could achieve better health and a better quality of life if fitness were more convenient and fun!  This is the exact mission of DiversaFit!

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There is one common theme in all of these pictures. My clients are having fun. We laugh. A lot. But we also work hard and at the end of the day, your success is my success. Let’s discover what activities make you happy.  What movements inspire you. Then I will work with you to incorporate these activities into a fitness routine that fits into your lifestyle. Whether your journey includes personal training, a training program, getting more active in the DiversaFit Activty Club or taking a kayaking lesson, I’m excited to meet you and help you meet your goals!

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Virtual Fitness Training

In-Studio Fitness Training

Online Fitness Programs

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What My Clients Say…

Susan ZukSusan Zuk
14:31 11 Aug 22
Jen is one of the kindest trainers I have ever worked with. She is willing to be flexible with my time and limitations. She makes the workout fun and have you craving for more of them. I work out in my pool, Sooo Fun, and in my house all virtually. My kids often join me because they have fun right along with me while we exercise!!! I highly recommend Jen as your next fitness trainer!
Susan RumanoffSusan Rumanoff
00:24 24 May 22
Jen is an awesome instructor who exudes positivity. She is patient, skilled and most of all makes any activity fun!
L FarkashL Farkash
15:11 26 Apr 22
Jennifer is the first personal trainer I have worked with since moving to CT, and I only wish that I had done so sooner. Jennifer creates both challenging and engaging workouts that take into consideration my previous injuries as a college athlete. She always listens to my concerns and continues to support me throughout my fitness journey. Not only do I always leave Jennifer’s clean and cozy studio in a great mood, but I can see and feel how much stronger I’ve gotten after our exhilarating work outs.I always appreciate Jennifer’s flexibility when it comes to working around my schedule and have never had any issues when I needed to cancel when something came up with work. Jennifer will work to fit you into a different time slot, no questions asked.I can’t recommend Jennifer highly enough!
InCeatiable SedonaInCeatiable Sedona
22:58 21 Mar 22
I absolutely love diversafit! I have a hard time feeling motivated to go to the gym or get a workout in. But Jennifer makes it feel like a fun hang out! She’s so knowledgeable and excited about nutrition and fitness. Her passion for helping others feel confident and strong makes her a perfect match for anyone. She personalizes everything to fit your needs. Thanks for helping me Jenn you are an inspiration and true professional!
Kelly TomaszewskiKelly Tomaszewski
02:15 02 Feb 22
Jen is an amazing fitness coach. I saw her for several months in a group setting. She created an engaging fitness program for all of us each week. Jen’s knowledge and creativity made each workout challenging and also fun. I would highly recommend training with her.


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