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Pickleball!! The sport that is sweeping the nation!! Lessons are a great way to become familar with this fun activity! It's an easy game to learn and it's a wonderful way to meet new people. So grab your family and friends, schedule a few lessons, and be sure to check out the pickleball merchandise in the  Centre Court shop!! 




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Centre Court Crew


What is pickleball you ask? 


Wecome to Centre Court Pickleball!!

We specialize in uniting the community through one of our favorite games, PICKLEBALL!

Centre Court Pickleball started in the winter of 2022 when community members who were new

to the sport were having a challenging time connecting with others in the local pickleball community. This prompted me to find ways to connect kind-hearted individuals through a series  of fun community pickleball events. Through

these events Centre Court Crew was born!!

This group of pickleball newbies soon became a close knit family welcoming everyone that came their way with open arms! The Crew grew so fast

it was AMAZING! The main factor wasn’t even the pickleball, but the loving, positive environment we had created. I am proud of how far we have come as a community and we look forward to welcoming new community members into our pickleball family.



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